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強制性交等 (deleted)
経過 (deleted)
照会 (deleted)
対象会社 (deleted)
当事者照会 (deleted)
に掲げる(事項) (deleted)
排除 (deleted)
判決による支払の猶予 (deleted)
不適法な (deleted)
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以下「…」という hereinafter referred to as "…" referred to below as "…"
以下同じ the same applies hereinafter the same applies below
以下この…において同じ hereinafter the same applies in this … the same applies below in this …
仮執行 provisional execution provisional enforcement
期間の経過後 after the passage of a period (of time); after the expiration of a period (of time) after (a period/term) has passed; after the expiration of (a period/term)
企業組合 enterprise cooperatives enterprise cooperative
供託金 money deposit with an official depositary deposit money (deposited with an official depository)
経営 management; operation management; operation; business
現行犯人 offender caught in the act perpetrator caught in the act
公布の日から起算して…を経過した日 the day on which … have elapsed from the date of promulgation the day after the final day in the … period that commences on the promulgation date
この法律において、次の各号に掲げる用語の意義は、当該各号に定めるところによる in this Act, the meanings of the terms set forth in the following items are as prescribed respectively in those items in this Act, the terms listed in the following items have the meanings provided in those items
この法律による改正前の prior to amendment by this Act before amendment by this Act
執行異議 objection to (a disposition of) execution objection (to an enforcement measure)
執行官 court execution officer court enforcement officer
執行機関 executive agency enforcement authority
執行決定 execution order enforcement order
執行行為 act of execution act of enforcement
執行抗告 appeal against (a disposition of) execution appeal (against an enforcement decision)
執行裁判所 execution court enforcement court
執行証書 notarial instrument authorizing execution notarial instrument authorizing enforcement
執行停止 stay of execution stay (of enforcement)
執行判決 execution judgment enforcement judgment
執行文 certificate of execution attestation of enforceability
しなければならない must; shall must
照会事項 matters of inquiry matters inquired into
するものとする is to be to 動詞の原形
請求異議の訴え action to oppose execution action to dispute a claim
損害賠償 compensation for loss or damage damages
損失補てん loss compensation compensation for loss
第三者異議の訴え third party action against execution third-party action opposing (enforcement)
追徴 collection of equivalent value; collection of delinquent payment value confiscation; collection of delinquent payment
手続開始前の原因 a cause occurring prior to the commencement of (rehabilitation) proceeding cause occurring before the commencement of a (rehabilitation) proceeding
当該 that; the; referenced; relevant that; the; the referenced; the relevant; the … in question
とする is is, meansなど「動詞の現在形」
に掲げるもののほか beyond what is set forth in beyond (what is) stated in
…の日の…日前までに … days prior to the date of … days before the date of …
破棄 destruction; reversal; quash destruction; reversal
犯人 criminal; offender offender; suspect; perpetrator; criminal
不変期間 unextendable period inalterable period
保護者 custodian parent or guardian
保全執行 execution of provisional remedy enforcement of a provisional remedy
無効 nullity; invalid; ineffectiveness nullity; invalidity; ineffectiveness
元方事業者 beneficiary of third party services principal employer
利益相反 conflict of interests conflict of interest
Added entries
Entry Translation
株式交付 partial share exchange
株式交付親会社 parent company resulting from a partial share exchange
株式交付計画 partial share exchange plan
株式交付子会社 subsidiary company resulting from a partial share exchange
企業担保権 floating charge
施設入所 foster care; residential care
社債管理補助者 bond administration assistant
照会する contact … for confirmation; inquire
追徴保全 value freezing (value freeze)
追徴保全命令 value freezing order
に掲げる (the matters) stated in
排除する eliminate; exclude; cease and desist
不適法で・不適法な not in accordance with the law; defective
不同意性交等 penetrative sexual assault
不同意わいせつ indecent assault
没収保全 direct freezing (direct freeze)
没収保全命令 direct freezing order
を経過した日 the day after the final day (in the … period)
を経過する日 the final day (in the … period)
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