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禁治産者 (deleted)
準禁治産者 (deleted)
短期消滅時効 (deleted)
担保権の実行 (deleted)
不特定物 (deleted)
Added, changed or deleted translations
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裏書 endorsement indorsement
裏書人 endorser indorser
裏書の連続 uninterrupted series of endorsements uninterrupted series of indorsements
確定する become final and binding become final and binding; fix
間接強制 indirect compulsory execution indirect enforcement
起業者 entrepreneur entrepreneur; expropriator
危険負担 burden of risk bearing of risk
強行規定 mandatory provision mandatory rules
強制執行 (compulsory) execution (judicial) enforcement
業務上 in the course of business; in the pursuit of social activities; by professional conduct in the course of their duties
現存利益 actual enrichment remaining benefit
現に受けている利益 actual enrichment benefit that (the person) retains
現に利益を受けている限度において to the extent actually enriched to the extent that (the person) retains a benefit
後見開始の審判 ruling for commencement of guardianship (court) decision to establish a guardianship
後見監督人 supervisor of guardian guardianship supervisor
公示催告 public notification public notice to interested parties
更生手続 (corporate) reorganization proceedings (corporate) reorganization proceeding
催告 demand; notice; requisition; demand letter request (for action); demand (letter)
催告の抗弁 defense of demand defense of no demand by obligee
再生手続 rehabilitation proceedings rehabilitation proceeding
時効期間 period of prescription; period of statute of limitations period of prescription; statute of limitations (period)
時効の停止 suspension of prescription; tolling of statute of limitations suspension of prescription; tolling of the statute of limitations
失踪の宣告 adjudication of somebody's disappearance declaration of presumed death
支払の猶予 grace of payment (granting a) grace period for payment
収用 condemnation expropriation
消滅 extinction; expiration; extinguishment; lapse extinction; extinguishment
成年後見監督人 supervisor of guardian of adult adult guardianship supervisor
成年後見人 guardian of adult guardian of an adult; adult guardian
代替執行 execution by substitute enforcement through substituted performance
滞納処分 disposition of delinquency disposition to collect arrears
追完 subsequent completion completion
手続開始の決定 order commencing … (proceedings) order commencing … (proceeding)
手続開始前の原因 a cause occurring prior to the commencement of (rehabilitation) proceedings a cause occurring prior to the commencement of (rehabilitation) proceeding
動産 movables movables; movable property
特定物 specified things; identified goods specific thing
取消し rescission; revocation rescission; revocation; setting aside
任意規定 discretionary provision; default provision default rules
破産手続 bankruptcy proceedings bankruptcy proceeding
判決による支払の猶予 payment grace period pursuant to judgment grace period for payment pursuant to judgment
被補助人 person under assistance person under assistantship
物上保証人 third person mortgagor; third person pledgor; third person collateral provider third-party collateral provider
不動産 real property immovables; immovable property; real property
法定代理人 statutory agent legal representative
保佐開始の審判 ruling for commencement of curatorship (court) decision to establish a curatorship
保佐監督人 supervisor of curator curatorship supervisor
補助開始の審判 ruling for commencement of assistance (court) decision to establish an assistantship
補助監督人 supervisor of assistant assistantship supervisor
未成年後見監督人 supervisor of guardian of a minor supervisor of a minor's guardianship
未成年後見人 guardian of a minor guardian of a minor; minor’s guardian
民事執行 civil execution civil enforcement
利益 interest; enrichment; income; benefit interest; benefit; income
Added entries
Entry Translation
(法定利率に関する)基準割合 benchmark rate
拘禁刑 imprisonment
時効の完成猶予 postponement of (the) expiration (of the prescription period)
時効の更新 renewal of the period of prescription; renewal of (the) prescription (period)
失踪者 person presumed dead
事変 serious event; accident
収用委員会 expropriation committee
消滅する cease to exist; be extinguished; expire; lapse
成年者 adult
直接強制 direct enforcement
電子記録債権 electronically recorded monetary claim
取引上の社会通念 common sense trading practices
併存的債務引受 cumulative assumption of an obligation
無記名証券 bearer instrument
免責的債務引受 discharging assumption of an obligation
連帯債権 joint and several claim
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